What is a Food Preparation Kit ?

A Food Preparation kit is an individual, self-contained activity designed for a child to prepare a nutritious food item. Everything is included – you provide the perishables. Each kit contains a beautiful acrylic handled tray, which is easy for a child to carry, use, and clean. Each kit contains specific materials for the child to complete the activity. The materials are real and provide purposeful work for the child. Each item was carefully selected to fulfill and enhance the food process. The clean, simple lines and beauty of porcelain and stainless steel make each kit attractive and inviting. Each piece is washable, allowing a child to not only prepare and enjoy the food, but to wash and clean up when the food is eaten. Each activity allows the child to learn and refine food preparation and presentation skills. But most importantly, each activity encourages the child to develop concentration, coordination, confidence, independence, and a sense of order. Educators know that the development of these skills leads to greater success in the academic, social, and emotional life of the child. The food preparation kits listed here are sequenced from the simplest to the most complex. This sequence allows the child to build the necessary skills before moving on to more challenging tasks. The kits begin as “hands-only” activities, and progress to the addition of specialized containers and utensils. The essentials of good nutritional choices are an integral teaching point, as all of the food groups are highlighted throughout the sequence of activities. Suggestions for areas of study in geography and cultural studies are listed.


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